I totally loved it, makes you feel better relaxed and so easy to do :)
Best at home. The whole package instantly gives new look to your feet. I was very happy with the packaging. Im very happy to buy this product and it is highly recommended too.
Happy feet I have pigmentation ,dry&cracked foot after using vaadi daily getting good results.Thanks for vaadi. Great products combination. All natural smells.Happy feet vaadi ;-)
Wonderful work This Vaadi Herbals foot scrub cream is amazing. I am a huge fan of lemon and this stuff smell delicious. I like to soak my tired feet and then rub/message this a cream into my feet paying special attention to my rough spots. The scent is so relaxing and it leaves my feet feeling so soft. It has tiny scrubbing beads in it that help to soften those rough spots. I have really loved everything made by this brand from the scent to the quality