Great product. I find it very effective on my oily skin. I use this twice a day and have noticed less clogged pores on my skin within a week's usage. I will carry on with this face wash to see its final outcome. Neem and tea tree oil are known for its anti bacterial effects and reducing of sebum.
Decades of little care has given me black heads, white heads and warts on face and around eyes. The facewash has given me just a wash I needed for long. Thanks to ecommerce and online shops. I can see acne reducing and black heads disappearing. A must daily wash for hard working people and likes. It is very refreshing too, on use in the morning and evening. Great work!
Wonderful Product. This Neem face was is great. Feels good on the skin, cleans well and is helping to clear my cystic acne. I would also suggest to all use it. After you wash your face with this Neem face wash with tea tree extract, take the Neem oil (just a little will do) and rub on to your face. Your skin will feel great!