Rajalakshmi Vivek
Smells like real fruit mix.. my skin feel soft, shinny and fresh look after very first use.. It gives even skin tone.. LOVE VAADI?
I was very thrilled to find that the ingredients of this fruit face pack are not only gentle on my skin but produced no irritation if I got it into the wrong place. The apple, lemon, and cucumber that make up this pack are extremely effective together without causing any of the damage I'd receive if I used them on their own, and the combination of fruits and other ingredients in this pack helps to keep it a great color and easy to use!
Moza Saif
Vaadi Organics has impressed me again with its incredible beauty products, and I was so excited with the results that I simply ordered the same pack for my mother as well
Madhu Rattan
This fruit face pack smells really nice and my skin feels refreshed every time I used this face pack. I loved it and would recommend to all for tired skin.