Suganya Surehar
It really wonders on my skin..
I like the tub packaging. It allows me to take out exactly the amount I want and if I take out a little extra, I can easily keep it back there. It really removes dead skin and blackheads and makes my skin smooth and soft.
Karen Li Liong
This scrub is really awesome, silver dust & numerous herbal extracts. It cleanse away all dirt & impurities from my skin surface and keep my skin soft & supple. Its value for money.
Even though the product is creamy, it does not feel as if it leaves a residue after washing off. And, it does leave the skin shinier than before and the moisturizer gets absorbed real quickly after a scrub session.
Mohammad Arman
Loved it... very mild and nourishing.. gives a smooth n radiating look to your skin..using as a body scrub only not applied on face because having acne problem. And this the best body scrub...I don't even need to apply body lotion after using the scrub..