Vaadi organic Papaya Fairness Scrub Gel very nice to use and as well as very's give fairness on skin and glow. it's really work on my little spot & pimple. I'm very happy after use this scrub gel of papaya.
Alia Amin
WOW! This face scrub is great! Leaves skin feeling fresh and with a great radiant glow! Skin does not look oily or greasy!
Really effective on my skin. The effect of this scrub is very good. After scrubbing, you can easily see results of no blackheads and whiteheads. Granules are sharp and small but very powerful. I love all Vaadi products and feel proud to use them as these are made in India.
Must buy organic scrub. I got it last week and it is a very nice scrub gel to use and as well as very smooth. It gives fairness on the skin and glows.
Been using this for a month now. I don't see it "removing tan and lightening skin tone" as it promises, but it does make my skin feel smoother.
Syed Ahmed
The scrub is so good and makes my face feel so clean and pure. It comes in a gel form with all natural ingredients and smells like Papaya essence if you don't like the smell, then this product is not for you. For me, I will continue to use this product because I Love it...Thank you...!!!
I'm not usually a huge fan of exfoliating scrubs. They're normally too harsh for my skin, but I loved this one! It's organic and the 'grit' is just the right size and consistency. It leaves my skin smooth and fresh without drying it out. Love this stuff!
Saba Ejaz
After using this scrub, skin feels refresh and younger. Its very good for tan removal. Must buy organic scrub.