It tingles and I believe it has helped my edges to grow back. It does have a natural woods smell but dissipates after 20 min or so. Plus you get used to the smell, which isnt bad at all considering that it works.
Haydee Salvador
I used the oil today, wow it feels so good on my head. I had a headache but it went away quickly. My hair felt amazing after using the oil. It has a nice pleasant scent too. I really love this oil.
Muhammad Aqeel
Always looking something for my long thick hair. I'm 66 and just starting to get some grey hair. It says it helps prevent premature grey and also prevents hair breakage, I bought this oil. After using this oil, I washed my hair with Henna shampoo of the same brand and it left shiny, beautiful hair, no kidding! I hope it keeps my hair dark like it suggests it will.
Makes my hair SUPER soft and I love the tingly feeling it gives. I know this is going to work wonders on my hair.
I oil my scalp and hair and leave it on for a few hours (sometimes overnight) and then washed it out in the morning. My hair is super soft!! Oh, and I love the cooling sensation on my scalp.