Anu Sree
Good results in a week 🙌
Ana Armas
This is my 10th day using vaadi and my skin was so soft and glowing ..i really love vaadi😊😊😊
Faith Muchemwa
My spots are clearing the natural way slows but surely l will get there
Abdullah Chaudhary
The cream is quite thick with gold shimmering particles. It cleanses the skin well and also imparts a noticeable glow to skin the next day. Overall it's a good option for oily skinned beauties out there.
Saima Khan
This creams texture is bit thick. But, when I started applying and massaging this cream on my skin, it got easily absorbed. After I started using this night cream I did see some good changes in my skin tone and texture. My skin became more clear and soft.
Jehad Ali
The cream is very smooth and light. It spreads evenly all over the face and gives instant glow to the face. When I apply this cream, my skin feels soft and super plump.
Naima A.
Good product!
Amarpreet Kaur
This Saffron Skin-whitening Massage Cream is really good. After using the Massage. I feel fresh, obviously it's a organic massage cream thus there is no side effects. am very happy to use it natural organic Massage cream.
Khaleel Khallu
There is no oiliness at all after its application and my skin gets completely moisturized. I used it for special occasions and my skin adored it. Proceeding onward to the scent, it has an exceptionally solid odor, I dont have the capacity to evaluate the aroma yet but it smells and feels nice.
Pinky Jaiyshwal
Wonderfully work. I used this cream at bed time usually and it makes my skin look nourished and toned the next morning. Requires a very little quantity to apply all over the face and neck. I must say this product is value for money.