Rajalakshmi Vivek
Smells like real fruit mix.. my skin feel soft, shinny and fresh look after very first use.. It gives even skin tone.. LOVE VAADI❤
Khyati Dodia
It’s organic shampoo! Me n my husband both like it very much it works well
Hassan Al Najjar
I love trying new products to help with skin care. The refreshing fruit face pack has helped to soften and smooth my skin! It is also supposed to help reduce acne and blackheads, but I think I have to use it regularly to get rid of acne and blackheads. The scent is wonderful. It's simple to use, just apply to your face and neck and let it dry and then rinse with water. I'm a big fan of this face pack.
Ela Chowdhury
I love to unwind after work with a face mask or pack and my laptop, but with so many options I've been a bit overwhelmed. I'm so glad I decided to try Vaadi refreshing fruit face pack because I've never had a face mask treat my skin so well! As soon as I washed it off, I noticed my skin felt incredibly smooth and my pores had almost completely disappeared. My cheeks and forehead glow without feeling dried out and my skin not only feels better but looks so much smooth and soft that I want to touch my skin again and again. Its just awesome product from Vaadi.
I was very thrilled to find that the ingredients of this fruit face pack are not only gentle on my skin but produced no irritation if I got it into the wrong place. The apple, lemon, and cucumber that make up this pack are extremely effective together without causing any of the damage I'd receive if I used them on their own, and the combination of fruits and other ingredients in this pack helps to keep it a great color and easy to use!
Moza Saif
Vaadi Organics has impressed me again with its incredible beauty products, and I was so excited with the results that I simply ordered the same pack for my mother as well
Madhu Rattan
This fruit face pack smells really nice and my skin feels refreshed every time I used this face pack. I loved it and would recommend to all for tired skin.