I purchased this combo online and yet I have used its Lemongrass shower gel which provides excellent cleansing and is gentle on the skin too. It is the best one Ive ever found for sensitive skin and also the fragrance is light which pleases me for the whole day.
Syed Ahmed
One of my friends gifted this shower gel box on my birthday. After using both these gels, I have decided to put a review here. Both these gels work fine and makes my skin smoother and moisturized after the bath. When it comes to aroma, Rose shower gel gives lovely fragrance like fresh roses which are surely a good one for fresh morning and Lemongrass gel also stands at the good rating for its fragrance. Ive decided to buy the box again on my own because Im happy with both the gels.
Alia Amin
Rejuvenate your skin with the roses and lemongrass shower gel. This shower gel replenishes your skin, making it soft and supple. Its unique formula not only washes your body but cleanses off all impurities. The effective shower gel keeps your body hydrated by locking in the skin's natural oils and moisture. It has a distinctly sweet fragrance that envelopes you with its mild and soothing aroma. Regular use enhances your bathing experience along with the healthy glowing skin.
shahnaz ara
This is kind of Glycerine soap, makes your body nicely slippery and moisturized which is good for winters but not for summer.
Saba Ejaz
Beautifully work! The best body washes in every way. I kept trying other body washes for a change but every time I came back only to this combo! You can proudly allow anybody to touch your hand and show them you have got a soft skin any time of the day which I often do.