RAFIK Behlim
I got this gift box for my birthday from one of my friends and I just loved the aroma of these shower gels. I like Honey and Sandal shower gel the most and now I dont use those harsh soaps on my skin.
Delicia Dsouza
Amazing effect on my skin As I applied, the first thing I noticed is its smell which is heavenly amazing! I use this shower gel every day now. I like the Saffron one as it leaves a cooling effect and soothing fragrance which lasts for the whole day. Try one and see how you like it. My kid and my wife loved it so much!
Dilshad Alam
The smell of this luxurious scented saffron and sandal shower gel is deeply alluring. While applying, it gives a rich velvety feeling on skin. Both these gels are now my favorite and I will definitely purchase them again.
Mona Ali
Such a wonderful product. The product has a very pleasing smell, exactly like saffron and sandals. It leaves skin feeling clean without giving it a stretchy feeling. The flip top cap is convenient to use and dispenses the right amount for a shower.
Kiran Noor
My mother brought this shower gel gift box and recommended to use it daily. From last few days, Im using saffron shower gel and am really amazed with its lovely smell and quality of making my skin has become fairer and better than before. Also, Ive used Honey and Sandal shower gel which gives a relaxing feel after the bath and also the aroma of sandal wont leave you for the whole day.