Arshed Bungree
Best hair care products ever tried yet. I have beey thick, frizzy and heat damaged hair. In just the first use I noticed a huge change. My hair is very soft, shiney, no frizz, and much more manageable. Highly recommended this. However, if you have very thin hair it may turn out a bit stringy/weighed down. But for girls like me with thick course hair its awesome. Oh and it smells great too! Rose is a scent some will hate though, so I suggest the pack with lavender and olive oil for ppl who arent fans of the rose scent.
Awesome shampoo and conditioner! Really awesome product. After using this shampoo & Conditioner. I'm noticing a new shine and more moisture in my hair. I love that it's an all natural organic shampoo and conditioner that doesn't contain parabens, or sulfates.
Ashwini Iyer
It is a very good organic shampoo. Little runny in consistency but lathers well. Also, I like the smell which reminds the real lavender flowers.
Amritha Vivera
This shampoo is mild and organic. I used to have a lot of hair fall in spite of using a number of shampoos from different brands. However, once I started using Vaadi, my search of shampoo ended. This works as anti- hair fall and also makes hair smooth. The smell is little strong but it's okay considering the benefit. This shampoo isn't available other than online and thats the only issue.
Jen Carbillon
This is probably the best combination, Lavender with Olives. These are miracle ingredients for hair and promote hair growth exponentially. Highly recommended.