Jay Kay
I really appreciate your products, first time I see you guys are giving what are promising
Rebecca D
The amla shampoo is good but the smell is not! Been using it for a few days the olive conditioner is good makes my hair feel fuller .
Amazing product, hair feels so good in just few wash.Worth buying.
I have already used the shampoo and I love it the way it controlled my hair fall is amazing.
Jasmine Abdulla
Got these products delivered today yet another VAADI HERBAL PRODUCT in my cupboard ## am in love with the products ## superb results??## Happy me. I love ?? VAADI it works as a magic on my skin ? ?? my all-time favorite VAADI HERBAL.
It’s worth “
Yes, vaadi organics Amla - Shikakai hair cleanser is very effective, amazing product!
Firdaus Naqvi
Tharunika Kumarappan
For years I have been looking for a perfect shampoo and conditioner for my hair since I have more hairfall until I found vaadi herbals online. For past two months I’m using amla shikakai shampoo and olive conditioner which gave good result in just a week. Now my hairfall was much reduced. Fragrance was too good n long lasting and I loved it!!Thanks to Vaadi herbals for this perfect combo!!
Gald to use this amla shampoo I purchased this organic shampoo and the Olive Conditioner and I am in love with this shampoo and conditioner. The way my hair feels now compared to how it did after a chemical shampoo and conditioner is night and day. I will never go back to using a chemical shampoo after using this. I picked this one because I have really bad breakage and hair fall due to years and years of constant coloring, but this shampoo is so good for hair fall. It does make my hair feel the wonderful and super light-weight and shiny, I do notice I have almost no split ends which are pretty amazing and indicated to me that it does work on repair the hair shaft. If you are looking for a great shampoo and conditioner with NO chemicals and all natural ingredients then this is it!
Nice combo pack for hair My hair has always been on the fine side of things. It gets pretty frizzy, which is the only reason why it looks like it has any volume. I had tried hair products that would de-frizz my hair, which only resulted in dull, thin, and stringy look. After a long researching process, I decided that something without chemicals would be a good approach to try. After a look through all the great results with this shampoo and conditioner set, I decided to give it a try. I absolutely adore the organic Amla shampoo. It has given my hair the health which I was looking for, and I've noticed more growth! After a traumatizing battle with my apartment's harsh water, I had lost chunks of hair. And had almost lost hope of growing it back, but after a few months this shampoo has helped me regain my confidence, and now I have even more hair than before. The conditioner I didn't like as much, but only because I've been so used to chemical conditioner. Putting this conditioner in my hair didn't feel as silky soft as it usually does while I'm in the shower. But after washing it out it felt healthy than ever.
I love this organic amla shampoo Really great product. I've been searching for another to replace Pureology (As it is no longer the same formula I grew to love since Loreal bought the company) and this has been a great substitute. I have thick, frizzy hair. This gets my hair clean without over-drying. You do not need that much of the product, which makes it last a while. It also lathers quite nicely unlike similar shampoos. Overall, great experience - highly recommends for those who have thick, frizzy hair and do not wash more than 2-3 times per week.
Awesome Shampoo Ever The shampoo is a bit thick and the conditioner a bit thin, but they are awesome used together. My hair is actually healthier and falls out less. I used this and then brush my hair with a boar bristle brush and then no frizz! I don't even use my leave-in conditioner anymore!
Wonderful Experince!! The shampoo smell is, indeed, very strong. After rinsing the smell dissipates. I put the conditioner on and use a wide tooth comb to comb through. The end result is full, bouncy and shiny hair. I'm 63 years old and have experienced substantial hair loss over the past 3 years. My hair looks thicker and healthy with no more bad hair days. I am pleased with the performance of this shampoo and conditioner.