Ismail Jaffar
Mind blowing excellent experience first time will recommend all the expensive shampoo users try it once you will love it because I do Gr8 performance
Rumi Meeran
The product is great - cleanses well and doesnt dry out the hair much. One small issue I have is with the product packaging. The big bottle comes in an inconvenient press-type head with a very small hole and each time its a bit of struggle to get the shampoo out. On the contrary, the conditioners of same size come in a good packaging with pump-type head. Would be great if shampoo bottles are improved too. Thanks
Jane Salman
One of the best Shampoos I used. The frizziness is better controlled. Love it
Great work on my hair Ultra nourishing care, for even extremely damaged hair, this therapeutic shampoo repairs the cuticles and strengthens the roots, to give you super soft, shiny and healthy hair. Its constituent lavender balances the oil production and improves hair texture.
wonderful lavender shampoo I'll always appreciate the vaadi product because its give me quality and recently i use lavender shampoo its fragrance good and really work now my hair is soft because of this shampoo keep it up herbal.!
It has a wonderful scent that leaves my hair shiny It has a wonderful scent that leaves my hair shiny, soft and moisturized. I love that it's an all natural herbal shampoo that doesn't contain parabens, or sulfates.
It has become easier to manage and feel healthier After using this shampoo, I'm noticing a new shine and more moisture in my hair. It has become easier to manage and feel healthier, not to mention my hair smells amazing!!