Marie Sales
I just received my items today and I want to commend you for using less plastic in your packaging. On my 1st order, you used bubble wrap but now i saw only the paper box & some papers inside. And my items are still intact. Good job in making an effort to protect our environmentAnd by the way, i love your products too.
liked it No more drying skin with this soap. It leaves you feeling clean and fresh. It has nice smell and lathers well and also helps to heal skin quickly.
Amazing work Awesome soap. I like the smell and it lathers up very well. This soap has all natural ingredients and my skin feels and looks better. The soap does appear to even out my complexion. I highly recommend this soap.
Continue Using this soap I have normal to dry skin and sometimes got these large painful zits all over my face that would leave dark marks. I've tried all sorts of face scrubs and acne treatments over the years but they all just dried my skin out and the zits would just come back, sometimes in the same spot as before. I've been using this soap now for over a year and I don't have that issue anymore. My face looks beautiful again with less marks and my skin is never dried out. I LOVE this product!