AmtulNajeeb Juveria
Absolutely lovable products...!!!! I have just started with shampooo And now all my skin care hair care body n bath i have shopped from all the categories...!! Absolutely i have recommended to my family and friends and also made sure that they place order instantly...!!!! This is the frst product which touched me in my lifetime i could say...!!! Soaps shampoo facewash face pack scrub massaging gel showeing gel all the products do satisfy you and the magic in it is you can feel the difference in frst 1-2 uses itself
Nasiru Disu
This is my second time ordering this facial soap. I like it because it consists of gentler ingredients than most facial cleansers, most of which serve questionable purposes. These seem to work well, my skin isn't particularly acne prone, so I can't attest to this soaps ability to fend off acne. I still get small breakouts from time to time due to hormones, but I use several different facial cleansers so I don't meant to discredit this soap. I would definitely recommend this product, especially for it's low cost.
Roopal Panchal
It foams well and cleans all the dirt from my face. It does not dry out my skin. It just gives a fresh feel to the skin.
Jeriffer Robin
There are so many facial soaps in market but none of them are like vaadi kesar chandan facial bar with orange peel. it cleans your face from deep inside the pores & make skin looks clean & clear & brighter.
Angieray Tillo
The soap foams well with water and was easy to rinse. It has a mild fragrance and the color of the facial bar lightens as used. It makes skin smooth and supple.
Sameer Javed
I love this facial bar...this is really effective facial bar Brighten skin. Lighting dark spots all girls go for it don't think twice