Ruchi Menon
Its helps a lot
Marybeth Deloso
I like it because of the amazing action,it makes my face glowing and feel so soft.
Roshnee Khadka
I just love the vaadi neem face wash
Zee B
One of the most effective facewash to keep acne at bay and render a clean face without stopping out the natural oils! Highly recommend it. Just make sure its rubbed for atleast 1 min onto the face before washing off.
If you are looking for a face wash to control your acne, look no further! just buy this face wash. My husband has been struggling with his breakouts and we have tried all sorts of creams and soaps but it keeps getting worse! So i decided to get him this face wash and he started using it. Within two weeks we saw a tremendous improvement and within a month of using, not one breakout on his face! not only did this soap helped cleared the pimples, it also made his face glows! Everyday i admire his cuteness cos Vaadi Neem Face Wash just made my husband more cute lol!
Shabeer Abdulla
I have been using the Neem face wash every day in the morning and before I go to sleep which has helped to keep my acne controlled with minimal breakout and does help to clear the skin. I love the smell and also helps to keep my acne face fresh without any dryness which is what I love the most. I will definitely recommend this as a very good daily cleanser to control acne.
Irish Fernz
I have been using it since one month I feel a different in my face .
Ledys Yanga
The product is nice and has a good smell...i did not use it for long time but i feel its fits my skin type will still continue to use this product till i see the difference..
Loren Merin
I’ve been using the product for 3 weeks now and I can see the effects. My pimple breakouts are minimized. Great product!
Roshan Dsouza
Good product!
Anjum Ansar
I like the face wash I can see good result after using it Price is very decent. Thank you
Donna Tan
In few days I already noticed the difference and the result is really satisfying. I would love to try another products after finishing off my tube.
Jumana Tariwala
Vaadi neem face wash gives you oil free skin with less visible acne. Using day and night to get acne free skin
Miracle Akintola
Its a great product. Works fast and kills acne. It also has an awesome fragrance
Syeda B.
It's good for combination skin
Superb product and very effective This cleanser makes my skin look great. It controls the acne and leaves the skin soft and youthful.
I love it. My order arrived on time. I have very oily skin and this so far seems to be working better than anything else I have ever tried. I am going to look into the entire line of products I would recommend this and will purchase again.
Wonderful Product I bought this face wash for my daughter who has just become a teen and is experiencing horrible breakouts. Shes only used for five days every morning and evening, and her breakouts already least 75% better. Its very responsive, so I highly recommend it.
I love it. Its a nice product with good organic ingredients. I bought this for myself and I loved it. It has a nice smell and leaves my face feeling clean but not too dry which is important for mature skin.