DJ Fernandez
Fragrant is soo good, it made my hair softer and became bouncy than before. Unlike my previous shampoo, it does not make your hair freezy even without Conditioner
rashid Al kaabi
Its soft rich in smell and refreshing
Feroz Khan
I'll always appreciate the vaadi product because its give me quality and recently i use lavender shampoo its fragrance good and really work now my hair is soft because of this shampoo keep it up organic.!
Lathika Rajeesh
Ultra nourishing care, for even extremely damaged hair, this therapeutic shampoo repairs the cuticles and strengthens the roots, to give you super soft, shiny and healthy hair. Its constituent lavender balances the oil production and improves hair texture.
Sadaf Hamid
leaves my hair shiny It has a wonderful scent that leaves my hair shiny, soft and moisturized. I love that it's an all natural organic shampoo that doesn't contain parabens, or sulfates.
Misbah Shaheen
when I used it for the first time I really liked it and that's why I had ordered 4 more I got it. I like this lavender shampoo very much . I want to know apart from face book online purchase is this shampoo available in any market of abu dhabi shop or malls . As I work on shifts some times if I will order again I may not be available al the time . so I want to know if this vaadi organic shampoo available in india as well as in abu dhabi malls and shops . Be case its not always possible to order online al the time .
sulo silva
After using this shampoo, I'm noticing a new shine and more moisture in my hair. It has become easier to manage and feel healthier, not to mention my hair smells amazing!!